About viDrop

viDrop is free video transcoding software for GNU/Linux and Windows operating systems. With its help you can easily convert your favourite movies or videos into format, playable on your Smarthone, Tablet, MID, Portable Media Player etc.


  • extensive codec and file format support
  • Convert DVDs in any format you like, so you can watch movies on your portable device
  • embed subtitles into the video – useful when your device does not support subtitles
  • supports user defined presets with predefined settings, so you can save your favorite settings for later use
  • apply different video filters – resize/crop, sharpen, blur, deinterlace (useful when converting DVDs)
  • based on the well known mplayer/mencoder engine
  • free license (GNU GPL3)
  • multi-platform support – GNU/Linux and Windows versions
  • created entirely with the aid of free software programs – Python, GTK, GIMP, GEdit

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